Covered Bridges: Hidden Gems of Ashtabula County

Ashtabula County, home to MotorCoach Resort Lake Erie Shores, is considered the covered bridge capital of the state and is home to 19 of these unique structures. Our area features the longest and shortest covered bridges in the United States with every size and shape in…

Take a step into history and go on a tour of these picturesque structures. Below are some of our favorite covered bridges:

Smolen-Gulf Covered Bridge

The longest covered bridge in the United States spanning 613 ft. long and stands 93 ft. above the Ashtabula River. Engineering and structural design by John Smolen (former County Engineer) and architectural design by Timothy Martin (current County Engineer) the bridge was dedicated August 26, 2008.

4878 Plymouth Ridge Rd, Ashtabula, OH 44004

Harpersfield Covered Bridge

Built in 1868, this is the second longest covered bridge in the state of Ohio. A flood in 1913 washed soil away from the north end of the bridge and changed the river channel. The steel bridge was then attached.

1122 Harpersfield Rd, Geneva, OH 44041

Mechanicsville Road Covered Bridge

Believed to be the oldest of the county’s covered bridges, this bridge was renovated and opened to traffic in the fall of 2003. This is the longest single span Covered Bridge in Ashtabula County.

Mechanicsville Bridge, Geneva, OH 44041

West Liberty Covered Bridge

This is the shortest Covered Bridge in the United States spanning only 18ft. The bridge was modularly constructed by students on the campus of the Ashtabula County Joint Vocational School.

94 W Liberty St, Geneva, OH 44041

Doyle Road Covered Bridge

This bridge is a 94 ft. long town lattice bridge built in 1868. Doyle spans Mill Creek which is a tributary of the Grand River.

View a complete list of the 19 covered bridges in our area

Take a tour any time of year but we think it is most impressive when the intense fall colors make an appearance around the last week in September and throughout October. Make a plan to include a covered bridge tour on your next fall excursion.

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